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Explore the Philippine Islands

Be amazed and fall in love by the magnificent beauty of Philippines with its marvelous places all over the county.

Scenic Beauty of Vietnam

Mesmerized and learn by Vietnam’s temple, culture and places that has own beauty and rich in historical story.

Bright, Busy City of Hong Kong

A wonderful place with its vibrant media, alive entertainment and modern places which is ideal for exploring.

Fascinating Gardens By The Bay

Capture the Rising Tiger’s fascinating places with its own history to be learn and witness.

Asia Travel Guide - Dream, Explore & Discover

An exciting guide for Asia travel, budget trip, planning, weather information, itineraries, destination, transportation and accommodation. You can find tips and fun places to explore in well known countries like Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, North Korea and more.

Where to stay in Manila, Philippines?

Southeast Asia is one of wonderful places to travel because of its amazing destinations, of course Philippines isn’t the last on the list. With its magnificent tourist spots and rich culture, many local and foreign people come and visit to the place whether it’s a...

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What’s the best places to visit in Philippines?

Philippines consist of more than 7, 000 islands which is located in Southeast pacific Asia. Its fabulous destinations of different local places has widely known all over the world and became a tourist spots local and foreign people. Just like the famous Boracay Island...

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