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Planning a tour and visit to the Philippines is absolutely amazing. With its wonderful island and oozing place to stay with, you would be like in heaven naming, the Palawan which has cited in Huffing post as the most beautiful Island in the world in just two consecutive years. Well, no doubt about that. Philippines isn’t only rich in breathtaking scenery of beautiful Islands and  places but as well as its rich culture and warm people that everyone could fall in love. This is one of reasons why lot of backpackers from local and international places visit the country. But before taking a tour into famous and stunning places of Pearl of the Orient Seas, Take a read on and be informed into Philippines Travel guide and Tips for a great Vacation Trip.

What to know about the Philippines?

Philippines Travel guide and Tips

Philippines is located in Southeast Asia which consisting of more than 7, 000 islands and categorized into three geographical divisions, The Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Its capital City is Manila in National Capital Region and the main job sites, night life activity, shopping malls and other leisure activities and places in Philippines. Well, Cebu which is located in Southern Visayas is also considered as a business and leisure capital with its modernize and civilized place.

Philippine Language

Major languages used- Tagalog and English
Philippines Travel guide and Tips

With its thousands of Islands, Philippines comprises 81 provinces with 8 major dialects such as Tagalog (which is the main language in the country), Cebuano, Bikol, Ilonggo, Ilocano, Kapampangan, Pangasinan and Waray. Of course, Philippines is one of the most English speakers with its high English proficiency. So traveling in the country wouldn’t be that hard and makes easier.

You wouldn’t be feel strange by warm Filipino people and its culture that has a combination of east and West, after the arrival of Austronesian and Spaniards colonization that left a strong evident of its culture just like an example of Catholic churches that has spread all over the country with its amazing Architectures.

Visa and Passport

Philippines Travel guide and Tips

The use of Visa is needed upon visiting into another country. Herein Philippines, Different nationalities from different countries can enter without presenting a visa. But a passport that is valid for 6 months is required and can stay up for a 30 days in case of business and tourist reasons.

Travel Insurance

 Philippines Travel guide and Tips

Well, when planning to have a travel trip into another country, having travel packages is ideal. So, same as Travel Insurance. It’s not that required but it is best to provide a travel insurance for just safety and security upon traveling against to some risk.

What is the best season to visit in the Philippines?

Philippines is a tropical country which is an ideal climate. Well, Philippine might be known as a typhoon driveway but there’s still season which it’s known and most popular to visit when dry season comes. November to April is the best dry season to go for a tour and vacation where islands and summer gateway shines and fully open and accessible. Activities such as swimming, Island hopping, surfing and more can be enjoyed especially when summer season falls.

Traveling in Philippines is one of the most amazing and adventurous things to be planned. However, being ready and prepared is an Ideal choice to avoid inconvenience in the future and of course, to enjoy the most memorable experience in spectacular places of the Philippines. Now, it’s your choice to choose the best places of your destination to explore. But don’t forget to pack your swim suits and camera for the best island gateway. Have fun!