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Thailand is a tropical country that is located in Southeast Asia with its Capital City of Bangkok. The country is known for its temple displaying of Buddha figures, lavish royal palaces which became one of tourist attractions. The country boast not only the temples but also its breathtaking tropical beaches and natural attractions that would catch anyone’s eyes. However, Thailand has still modernization and civilization in the capital city with busy traffic.

So if you plan to visit in Thailand, here are some list of best places to travel in the kingdom of Thailand.


Be amazed with this white sand beach surrounded by limestone cliff in bay side mountain. Railay also called as Rai leh is located between the city of Krabi and Ao Nan. The peninsula which is like an island is accessible only by small boat because of its high limestone cliffs and became one of the reasons of tourist attractions where locals and nationals from different countries visits the place. Prepare your camera with this spectacular blue sea scenery. Of course, adventurous activities could be enjoyed as well-get ready your foot and arms in a challenging rock climbing along the limestone cliffs and diving into hidden coves.

Chiang Mai

best places to travel in Thailand

Well, Aside from Bangkok, there is another city that offers more spectacular and cozy atmosphere with its vibrant place. Chiang Mai City-which happens to be a better city than Bangkok, is notable in its attractions as it still preserve its historical sites and temples as religious and cultural country. That is why the city has its growing number of visitors who fell in love to the place. However, with its natural place Chang Mai is a busy city mostly at night, its open night market that offers cheap shopping, restaurants and cafes and other fun outdoor activities that is absolutely enjoyable.

Khao Sok National Park

Be amazed on this spectacular sight of Khao Sok. Khao Sok is located in Southern Thailand which is a habitat of jungle, different a species of animals and plants and as well as the limestone karst formation. It is one of the most visited destination in Thailand because of its rain forest and lake scenery and has been designated and declared on December 1980 as a National Park in Thailand. The park is notable with its limestone formation on the lake with those floating bungalows. Waterfalls is also famous don’t forget to bring your camera an amazing shot of this memorable National park.

Mae Hon Son

If you wanted to escape to the busy City of Bangkok and traffic, Mae hon Son is a great way and place of relaxation. The quiet place of Mae Hon Son is a province in northern Thailand bordering the Myanmar offers a scenic view of the place as well the friendly people you could meet with its Burmese culture. Many tourist visits the place not only of its peaceful and calm environment but as well as its caves and waterfalls. You can visit Mae Hon Son by riding a bus from Bangkok in just two hours.


Thailand is one of the best destination country in Southeast Asia, and exploring its places is a great opportunity for everyone with its rich culture and historical sites to be learned that shouldn’t be missed.