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The country of Thailand has a lot of something to offer including its different Cities that boasts each scenic places, popular attractions and fun outdoor activities especially Bangkok City which is mostly busy through the day and has its vibrant and alive activities at night. Other than few Cities, Bangkok is the business hub of Thailand and the center of entertainment with its modernization developed city, no wonder as it is the capital City of Thailand, still behind this busy city, their culture and historic temples are remained preserve d it’s beauty and value and attracts thousands of tourists each year. But we make a plan to fly in Thailand, let’s be informed first about their country to have an awesome tour vacation.Here are some ideal Bangkok Thailand Travel Guide that you should take on a list.

What are the possible transportation in Bangkok?

Tuk Tuk as a Taxi in Bangkok City

Well, this is the first thing to know upon landing in Bangkok City. Don’t be surprised if you’ll experience heavy traffic in this popular City, and that cannot be avoided, traffic is everywhere especially if it’s a busy City. But there’s still an alternative way to escape the heavy  traffic. The public transport of the City is vastly improving, there is what they called BTS which is Sky train and MRT that runs from 6: 00 in the morning until midnight base on the train schedule. Aside from speedy BTS, there are taxis available to have a convenient transportation, Thai called it as a Tuk Tuk well its different colors.

The best time to visit in Bangkok City.

What would be the perfect time to visit in Bangkok? This is important to know when you plan to travel in any countries. The month of December and January are the coolest temperatures in Thailand and has its peak season during that month, by the month of February the weather still the same but typical of people who travel.

Other information to know
Language: thai
Currency: Thai Baht
Weather: 26c degree in December and 35 c by April

What’s the ideal places to travel in Bangkok?

Got informed about Thailand general information, and you started to walk on their best scenic places that you would love.

Visit the Grand Palace

Bangkok Thailand Travel Guide

Take your feet into this one of amazing major historical sites in Bangkok. Its beautiful palace view attracts several tourist locals and international. Wat Phra Kaeo is residing in this Palace with houses of Jade Buddha.

Open hours: 8:30 am- 3:30 pm
Address: Phra Nakhon, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10200 Thailand

The Lumpini Park

Bangkok Thailand Travel Guide

Aside from several fascinating temples in Bangkok, Lumpini Park is also boasts its attraction in the City. Meet these unique th ai crafts and natural beauty of the park. Paddling in a boat ride is what one of interesting activities here is. And of course relaxing as you walk on nice path while viewing the scenic pond.

Open Hours: 5am- 9 pm
Address: Rama IV road along Witthayu and Ratchadamri

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

A woman paddling in boat and selling cheap fresh goods in popular floating market

Known as Venice of the East, Damneon Saduak Floating Market is a popular floating market which has its location in Ratchaburi. This market has become a tourist place because of its unique market feature. Fresh goods and vegetables are available her as well as delicious Thai foods.

Open hours: 6:00 am to afternoon
Address: Ratchaburi province,west Bangkok