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When it comes to travel, mostly backpackers and traveler doesn’t forget one thing which is so important and shouldn’t be missed before going for a tour adventure, well it’s not the camera or the map, but the packing list for a well-prepared trip. When you are going to Thailand this thing should be remembered and practice. Having a packing list is a guide to have a great travel trip and as usual, to avoid hassle thru over packing, well we may all have different ways for preparation for a trip, but actually no need to carry your house and pack it going to Thailand. That might cost you more for extra luggage.

Well, here are some tips for a simple Thailand packing list that would make you comfy and cost, space savvy behind those over loaded bags.

What are the ideal things to bring and buy In Thailand?

thailand travel packing list

Upon landing to Thailand, of course you’ll take step first to its capital City Bangkok before flying to your target destination. And as far you know, Shopping malls, Pharmacies markets are spread all over the City, so you can consider buying things which is you don’t have and needed to your whole travel. Just like a pair of slippers or sun glass, you can just easily find it to bargain malls in cheap price. It may not original but you save money in things that you could just use for the meantime. Other things which is more ideal to buy in Thailand are those Toiletries such as tissues, lotions, deodorant and many more. These could be serve as a souvenir as well to you in the place when you get back home. But of course you should bring your own personal garments that is suits to your skin sensitivity.

What type of clothes to be pack in Thailand?

thailand travel packing list
Well, clothing in Thailand just vary on its weather, but mostly they have warm weather as it’s a tropical country. Choose clothes which thinks you are comfy under the heat but not so liberated still remember their culture as a respect. You can bring pants or leggings that you can use all the time or in hiking, T-shirt and tops, dresses (not too short) and one jacket for night and long hours of travel. In terms of shoes, you can bring a pair of unstrapped sandals for temple visit and lightweight shoes and sandals for hiking and beach hopping. And well don’t forget your undergarments and swimsuits for the swimming.

What gadgets and accessories should I choose to bring?

thailand travel packing list
Well speaking of accessories and gadgets, the camera is the first thought to be considered. But there are more things which is more important to pack on your bag. Don’t forget your medicine kit, zip locks, it really helps and handy, Bottled water, small flashlight, towel, Rain Coat and a few to name which suits your needs. In terms of Gadgets, well, you don’t need to bring all your gadgets but just what is needed, including your laptop and charger, battery, cables, power bank and of course your mobile phone. Being ready is what’s most essential for a successful, safe fun trip. So enjoy!