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Thailand is truly amazing with its several best places to travel and to have a relaxation, leisure and a way of learning their culture, there are also numerous temples that spread all over the city. The in demand Railay is a tourist vacation that has white sand beach which is one of popular tourist destinations, there is Chang Mai City that offers calm atmosphere of the place, The great kao Sak National Park as the jungle habitat of the locals and of course Thailand also boasts Phuket Province as one of the best tourist spots in the country s with its amazing sceneries. In fact, it’s one of the most in demand places in Thailand. But what to know in Phuket? Phuket is a mountainous province in Thailand in that is located in Andaman Sea. The province has just some of the most popular beaches in the country and also it’s modernize province place and the place has just only several high-end spa, famous resorts, high class fine dining restaurants and shopping malls. Phuket isn’t only busy at day but also at night with its vibrant night clubs and bars. It would be the center of enjoyment activities. But before you land your feet into these amazing places, be informed on these a must see attractions that we shouldn’t be missed.

Hat Karon

Phuket Thailand travel Who doesn’t love a white sand beach? Well speaking of beach, this is one of the most amazing place in Phuket that you must see and visit. Hat karon is a beach that is located in the west coast of Phuket Thailand and it is an in demand destination of travelers to locals and mostly internationals. Well, no doubt about that. With its amazing view and white sand crystal water, tourist would surely fall in love in the place. The outdoor activities such as Jet Ski, diving and other water sports are the main activities in said beach, In fact, it is also an ideal destination for a honeymoon or for couple vacation, so if you are just married, take a tour into these amazing beach of Phuket.

Phuket zoo

Phuket Thailand travel This would be ideal for everyone especially for animal lover. Phuket does not only offer white sand beaches but a wildlife zoo as well. The Phuket zoo is obviously located in Soi Palai Chaofah Rd. MuanG Phuket, and was founded in 1997. It is a large zoo and covered 12 acres of land and a home of different exoctic animals. You’ll walk into these tropical gardens and see different kinds of popular animals like tigers, Elephant, monkeys, crocodiles and many more. The zoo also offer animal shows and orchid garden that capture your eyes just don’t forget to bring your camera to take shots of these amazing scenes of wildlife.

Pa tong

Phuket Thailand travel: Again, Another amazing tourist destination for beach lovers. Pa tong is an in demand beach on west coast of Phuket. In fact Pa tong is the main tourist resort other than Hat Karon in the province and aside from its prestigious beach, Pa tong is also famous on alive night-life with its vibrant night clubs and bars, many tourist enjoy this fun night activities to party and to play such as couples dancing under the strobe lights, or just a friend bonding. Aside from its night-life activities, modern shopping malls and restaurants are available and spread around the famous beach.

Phuket Trickeye Museu

Phuket Thailand travel: Phuket doesn’t only offer amazing white sand beach and zoo, but also the province boasts their great museum that has been popular to the place. Well, you may think that it’s just a like an ordinary painting gallery but it is an Exhibition space that featured large Trompe l’oiel wall paintings. You can enjoy taking picture and do some pose on this 3D alike paintings and murals, it’s just so unique that you could just say “wow” when you’ll see the painting arts. The Trickeye Museu is located at Mueang Phuket District and available every day at 10am -7pm. So, prepare your nicest smile and strike a pose on these unique places and museum of Phuket. Have fun!