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There are many scenic places that is ideal to be explored in the quiet and wonderful country of Cambodia, with its some scenic attractions, many people visit and fell in love to the place even it’s a small country, and course its neighborhood boasts its breath taking tourist spots as well. The country of Cambodia and Vietnam share a long border with several crossroads as they known as neighbors in Asia. In fact, traveling between the two countries is just easy and convenient with the use of different transportation like car, buses, ferry and airplane that that bounds to Cambodia and Vietnam.

As you plan to travel, it’s good to know the weather and climate on that season so that you’ll have the idea of what Itinerary should be planned. So, here are some guides and tips for you to have a convenience travel.

Bring your Documentation

travel from Cambodia to Vietnam
The first thing that you must need in your travel is a passport and visa, of course without these, you’ll not be able to take step into these countries. By your arrival on the airport and in the border crossroad, get prepared your two passport size photo with your travel documents to avoid hassle on your side. You also can try to register in Cambodia online visa process with their website.

Land conveyance

travel from Cambodia to Vietnam
There are several and recommended land transportation from Cambodia going to Vietnam. Travel with a bus is more in demand and preferred by several tourist as it is safe and convenient and cheap as well. For an instance a trip from Phnom Penh would cost more or less than 10 USD. But you should be ready and fully packed on the travel as it takes six hours on the road which include the Vietnam Moc Bai and Cambodia Bavet border crossroad. There are several open land borders for crossings that public and private vehicle can pass between the two countries and if you’re a tourist don’t forget your travel documents.

You can have a reservation for the bus ticket online but be aware on when you bought a ticket in hotel desk as it may have difference on the ticket price which is more expensive.
Some free travel things on board:

-Bottled water
-Wipes or Tissue
-Packed Cinnamon Bread
-WiFi Connection


travel from Cambodia to Vietnam
Air conveyance is mostly convenient other than transportation as it will not take long hours of travel. There are two airports in Cambodia which is located in Phnom Penh and the other one is in Siem reap. The flights from Vietnam usually headed in Ho Chi Min Chi City and other city called Saigon going to Cambodia that only takes for more or less 1 -2 hours.

Boat Conveyance

travel from Cambodia to Vietnam
Aside from Airlines and Buses crossings, another way to travel between the two cities is by the use of River boats. This is available to cross the border with a short stopover to check for the travel documents. There are cheap ferry’s and Cruises from Phnom Penh to Chau Doc in Vietnam that operates weekly of sailings based on the schedule. Mostly the travel in ferry runs for over 3-4hours. So, aside from your visa and passport, prepare to pack a handy food and bottled of water for convenience.

These are some choices and way to travel between the countries of Cambodia to Vietnam, you can check the schedule of boarding of this conveyance online and have an early reservation to avoid a fully booked schedule and hassle time situations and don’t forget your important things to carry on board. Have a safe smart travel!