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A plan to travel in Thailand would be an amazing tour as it’s one of the best place in Southeast Asia with its famous beaches, world-class diving spots, and night activities and so on. It’s one of the cheapest destination trips as well that’s why many travelers come and back for a relaxation and to experience the great culture, food, and a fun nature trip in the kingdom of Thailand.

The country is truly a great destination travel because of its convenience and everything is easy, well just be careful and always ensure the security of your things while you’re in the crowd to avoid inconvenience. However, there are amazing destinations which is quiet and away from the crowd, and before you pack your bag to have travel in Thai, make sure that you have some guides for a great enjoyment.
Take a read on some list of Thailand travel trip to a perfect travel gateway.

Cost and Accommodation

thailand travel guide

Thailand is one of the cheapest country in Southeast Asia to travel with. Its hotel and guesthouse accommodation is all fair price. It’s just depending on City’s pricing. For example, in North area, there are guesthouses in there that offers prices which ranging 200-300 Thb while on the large Cites like Bangkok the prices range to 400 Thb – 600 thb per night. There are more cheap room and hotels for rent that spread all over the country, It’s just depends on you which suited you most.

Food and Transportation

thailand travel guide

The same to other Asian countries, Thai food is cheap as well. You’ll be passed on food stalls that has different packed of street food and can fill up your tummy for a low price. It includes delightful Khao Mun Gai (Steamed chicken with rice), khao Pad (Fried Rice), Som Tam (Papaya Salad) that your taste bud would surely enjoy and satisfy. If you’re worrying that it’s safe to eat, of course it is, as they packed, and cooked it cleaned. But if you want a nice Fine dining, there are famous restaurants which are available in different cuisines. After dining, you would take your feet to a must see attractions, there are cheap taxi, buses that could take you into the famous spots. Just prepare 500-1,200 thb for a whole day trip.

Culture Respect

thailand travel guide

Every country has its amazing culture, so as well in Thailand. If you’re traveling in Thailand, their culture must be the one of important thing should be informed. The face is what’s important in Thai people especially their head. It’s the most sacred part of their body and touching its head part without any permission isn’t allowed as it’s a culture misbehavior and other things as well that is forbidden in their society. It is good have knowledge on it, to show a culture respect as a visitor.

There are more important travel tips and things in Thailand which is ideal to be informed as an advice and guide when you visit the land of smile and make sure that you’re all prepared for a great way travel trip.