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Have you been thinking to travel in Vietnam? Well, we may not heard a lot of stories in this country but Vietnam has a lot to offer. Did you know that it’s one of the ideal places to travel in Southeast Asia? With its cheap tour packages, you can take a tour and travel to its different scenic places and tourist attractions and can be inspired in their culture as well. But before you take a travel there are things that you must be consider upon heading to this nice country. Be informed on this Vietnam travel tips that would be a guide to a perfect travel and explore in Vietnam.

Prepare your Visa

vietnam travel tips
Visa is one of the important things to carry on when traveling to any country, including Vietnam. Upon heading to airport and arrival take a check to your documentations and get ready your visa and pre approval papers along with your photos and money. You can also complete your visa application for Vietnam online to avoid hassle. Provide your passport that should be valid for six months as your maximum time plan of staying and it’s also needed to provide at least one blank visa page. For you to be updated, checking Vietnam’s embassy website is recommended.

Be informed on your accommodation

vietnam travel tips
There are several cheap hostel that spread on different cities of Vietnam, There are hostel that starts 100,000 VND, and well you may think that it is very expensive price but it is not. It’s 4 USD when converted. It has also free Wi-Fi connection so nothing to worry about surfing on internet, the hostel also offer free breakfast or drinks like beer during the day to enjoy.

Learn about their food

vietnam travel tips
Mostly Asian foods are cheap and a kind of exotic. Getting familiarize to it is ideal so that you’ll not be surprised on what type of food they serve. Try this Pho that is a rice dish for only 20,000 VND, you might like it. There are restaurants that are available and with cheap prices that range into 45,000-95, 000 VND. Some fancy restaurants that serve western cuisines are also available. If you’re more into homemade food and wanted to cook by yourself, there are grocery stores that are open and available to buy your foods needs and markets that offers cheap prices of fresh goods.

Get familiar with their transportation

Trajet en bus entre Ha Noi et Ha Long

Vietnam has few transportation to use which is bus is the main conveyance. There are public cheap buses In the City of Ho Chi Minh that has price of 4, 000 VND per ride. But you must by tickets on the stations, not with agents or in hotel to avoid scams. There over overnight buses as well that can tour you a lot in several places and cities of Vietnam and its Neighboring City in Cambodia. Train will just cost 750,000 VND per ride for 791 km. The airlines can bring you quickly to your ideal destinations for a low price. So choose your choice what sort of transportation you’ll use for you to take a tour in different attractions of Vietnam. But always remember travel safely and smart.