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Philippines comprises of more than 7, 000 island which is located in Southeast pacific Asia. Its fabulous destinations of different local places has widely known all over the world and became a tourist spots local and foreign people. Just like the famous Boracay Island which widely known for its crystal water and white sand that offers panoramic view over the island. There are more Philippines Best Travel destination that could impressed you and is worthy to each traveler’s bucket’s list. Experienced this adventurous and majestic places that makes you grasp that it’s really more fun in the Philippines!

Kailanggaman Island in Leyte

Philippines Best Travel destination

Be amazed by the crown jewel of Leyte with its absolutely beautiful sand bar. Kalanggaman Island is located in the municipality of Palompon Leyte, Visayas.  The uninhabited island offers a majestic beach with its white powdered sand, crystal clear water and its famous long sandbars on each side.  There isn’t private resorts here but overnight camping is only allowed by the municipality. To preserve its beauty local’s tourism officers allowed 500 of limited tourist per day. The Island becoming fast and one of in-demand places to visit in the Philippines. So, start to add it on the list for an amazing trip.

Famous El Nido Palawan 

Philippines Best Travel destination                                      
The top places to visit in the list, EL Nido Palawan is one of the most-sought-after places to visit in the Philippines. A  Lot of international tourists travel here yearly. The island is blessed with its breathtaking clear water beaches and offers a stunning sea scape which became the world’s best island and featured by CNN. El Nido’s Green jungle and limestone cliffs are in demand to travelers which is ideal to do some water and camping activities.


Philippines Best Travel destination

Located in Ilocos Sur, The province of Vigan is rich in cultural vultures and stroy.  It’s the only city that inscribed by UNESCO with its unique and historical destination.  You’ll be surely amazed by its high class attractions and historical places that was inspired by Spanish-house styled and Augustinian cathedral. This place is a must to be added in your bucket’s list.


PhiPhilippines Best Travel Destinations

The tarsiers and chocolate hills are widely known and one of the most ideal sights in the country. Many local and foreign tourist visit here to see the spectacular view of these natural wonders called the chocolate hills.  Locals called it ‘chocolate hills” as it turns brown from green grass during season.  Aside from famous complexion of these hill, Bohol has a lot to offer, from its treasured wildlife and animals to world class white sand beaches and crystal Water Rivers.

Tubattaha reefs Natural Park

Philippine Best travel destination
Inscribed by UNESCO as A World heritage site, Tubattaha reefs is one of most visited places in the country and named as the one of world’s best diving sites.  This protected aquatic sanctuary has a high biodiversity and became the sanctuary of Marine life which became a home of endangered sea turtles, sharks, mantra rays, lively coral reefs and more aquatic life. You’ll fall in love with these wonderful attraction and listed as your top bucket list.

There are still a lot of Philippines Best Travel destinations, with its magnificent view and places that surely worth to your ideal vacation trip.   With its amazing wonders of nature, Philippines is truly blessed with this diverse archipelago and it is essential to conserve and preserved these habitant for the next generation to come.